Teambuilding activities

Igloo Building

Cut brick by brick to build your white home. With good stamina and skill you build your igloo. What is nicer than a tent roof or a starry sky? You know it: a snow roof! After preparing the “building site” by stamping down and shovelling the snow, we will start the planning. Where do you want your house to stand? How is it best built? What size and shape do you want it to have?

SUP stands for stand up paddle and is currently a very popular trend on Swiss waters. Accompanied by gentle lapping sounds of the water through rhythmic paddle strokes, feelings of independence and freedom awaken as you glide over waters.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, various offers of lessons and equipment rentals will meet your needs.

Stand Up Paddle

Arctic Winter Games

Snow provides all sorts of new possibilities for team games. You don’t need to be a skier or a snow expert to enjoy it. Small teams compete against each other, so individual performance is not the key, rather team effort. Deftness, team spirit, communication and tactical skills are what make the grade. Discover new sides in the team.

Experience the beauty of our mountain lakes from an awe inspiring perspective and learn your first moves in this fantastic environment. In winter, paddle along calm, glassy waters while taking in views of snow-capped peaks and stunning mountain reflections mirrored on the lake’s surface


Snow sculpting

In teams, participants design and construct small works of art out of specially prepared snow blocks. The finished creations will be presented to your fellow snow sculptors in an ‘art exhibition’, and evaluated by an ‘expert jury’

Are you familiar with the history of soccer? During the guided tour of the collection of the FIFA Museum, both avid fans and those who know little about soccer will be captivated by emotional, entertaining, and surprising stories about the world´s most popular sport. Afterwards, participants´ own ball skills are called for, when they have the opportunity to put their technique to the test on the giant pinball machine in an exciting competition.

FIFA Museum with Pinball Challenge

Farm Tournament

Experience the original Farming Challenge! Even the thickest ice will be broken during events such as chicken throwing, cow milking and tractor racing. Ideal for your team event and suitable for everyone!

After the event at one of the adventure farms just outside of Zurich (Seegräben or Rapperswil-Jona), you can enjoy a delicious meal from the bounty of the fields.

At the valley station of the Schilthorn gondola in Stechelberg participants will
be welcomed by the ‘casting scouts’ and casting teams will be chosen to make up the film crew The new James or Jane Bond will also be chosen and on the way up to the Schilthorn there will be different tasks to solve as a team.

James Bond Trophy Experience

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